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Day 4 - A Little Dip In Altitude

Day 4 - A Little Dip In Altitude

It appears the vehicle is now descending.

While I am delighted with the results in just four days, it will take another week or so before I feel I can blame the supplement. Although I am now initially ready to start blaming the supplement. Keep in mind that we are absolutely nowhere near the place we need to be.

Today are the numbers for July 20th, 2021:

Midnight: 370

Noon: 295

Average: 332.5

I had mentioned something about eating yesterday. I had angel hair with a fine Pomodoro from Parma, Italy, and about nine meatballs. It was a large enough portion that I was full and unable to get to my salad.

I ate this meal around 3 PM. I was unable to get to the salad until after my midnight blood check.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to cheat.

I also ate a quarter of watermelon after the salad to increase my water content.

It’s crucial to figure out how all of these interactions work, as that can be the blueprint for the rest of your life. I’m a Taurus by sun sign, so my inclination to the culinary is a given. It’s not good when the things that you love can kill you, and doubly worse when the foods that bring you joy pull out the long knives and start after you.

I’m simple. I love my pasta. I like my baguettes with butter and a relaxing white wine. I like all of the refined shit. I worked as an actual chef on several occasions. I was a loose friend of Tony Bourdain until he found out I was a Red Sox fan. Then he dumped me on MySpace with a few harsh words. I wasn’t a Ramones fan, and I think that counted more.

My point is there are rituals with food that make the soul happy and good. A high blood sugar count steals those joys from you, so it’s good and wise to find ways to get those levels down.

We are officially headed that way, and I’m pleased as punch.

So let’s talk about blood sugar levels since we have a minute. The range I am in now is still critical. This is the chart on ranges, and you’ll see that I am still well in the dangerous area.

My goal is to get back to the 100-120 area. The joy today is that I have made the drop below 300, and we’ll see how this continues over the next few days. We see here that the best time for the big meal is around 3 PM with my schedule. I can get away with it as my sugar normalizes in the following nine hours. Granted, I was locked away from food by a three-hour troubleshooting call.

I wish I could talk A1C, but that is a range over three months, and we don’t even have that long in the experiment. We will certainly be discussing it in the near future because if we’re going to go this deep into it, you might as well know how to calculate it. So screw it. We’ll talk about my feet.

One of the things you get with the dangerous level of diabetes I’ve blessed myself with is dry, cracked feet. It can become problematic after a while and downright uncomfortable. I like being barefoot most of the time. I wear Xero shoes for this reason.

You have to lotion your feet. It sounds like a frou-frou thing to do, especially for a guy, but it has to happen. One of my first go-to’s is the line from The Body Shop. I like the Peppermint these days, and I had used the Hemp line back in the day when I was doing a lot of manual merchandising work in California. So I’ll suggest that as well. I also use Bath and Body Works, but in that case, I’ve had the most success with the Ultra Shea body cream. There are all kinds of scents for dudes and dudettes. You can mix and match. I won’t judge you. They had some foot creams, but I was not too fond of any of those I tried.

Now there is a sock I like, and it makes sock-wearing not so bad for me.

Pro Tip for you younger Millennials and Z-bras: Sometimes a guy wearing socks with sandals is not making a fashion faux pas to make you haz a sad.

They don’t care about your ascertainment. You’re not Joan Rivers. They are in pain, there may be blood you don’t see, and it’s a medical thing. That’s the reason for some wearing socks with sandals. The others, I don’t know so much about.

Even if you don’t have a problem, taking care of your feet is always a good idea.

Onwards to Day 5 to see what good things tweaking the schedule might bring.