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Day 16 - A New Target To Aim At

Day 16 - A New Target To Aim At

I apologize for my recent lack of promotion of the posts over the past few days. The truth was that there’s nothing but the stats. Last week was interesting, and while I should be nothing but pleased to have the numbers come down as they have, I still want more.

And I would prefer to quit doing stupid things.

I’m still bouncing around the 200s, and although I had a single stick in the 100s that made me ecstatic, I still feel that I need to correct some things. My weight stayed the same for the week at 186.6 lbs, but the average for sugar went up 4 points.

I have had several issues develop that I need to improve. One of them is the heartburn and sometimes headaches I am getting near midnight. I have started a version of intermittent fasting where I stop eating around 6 or 7 PM until noon the next day. Sounds good on paper, but my body isn’t having it. I need to come up with a snack at 9 PM probably, and possibly one between midnight and 3 AM when I get ready to knock off for the day.

Here are the numbers for August 1, 2021:

Midnight:  258

Noon:  277

Dusk: 296

Average:  277


Total Calories:  1041 Total Carbs:   52 Total Protein:   92

As I am writing this, I knocked off half of an HEB Garlic Sausage because I’ve been fighting a headache for about two hours now, and I’m stubborn. I try to avoid taking medicine unless I really have to, and I certainly won’t be doing it on an empty stomach.

My ring size keeps shifting; sometimes it’s tight, sometimes just right, and when I’m lucky, a little loose. That’s a parameter I keep notice of in this whole exercise.

Changing my coffee creamer cut the carbs and made it into a drink I don’t have to record anymore. I have stopped recording the drinks that are 0-0-0 for nutritional counts.

This is the third week of the experiment. We’ll see what happens this week and next week and may potentially increase the dosage from 1 capsule to two per day. It does say on the label that I can do that, but I want at least 30 days on the record to show where things are at on the base dosage.

Yes, I realize that means I’ll have to buy one more bottle. But we will see more vividly what this supplement is and is not doing. I can’t validate it still, but I can’t deny it either, and that leaves me just as curious as I was when I started.

The only real thing that matters in all of this is the lowered blood sugar counts. I don’t care how I get there, as long as I get there.