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Day 3 - Fluffy Dragons And Fireworks

Day 3 - Fluffy Dragons And Fireworks

The hiccup in today’s numbers is entirely my fault.

Last week, I bought some frozen Chinese food and never got around to eating it, so I decided to eat it over six hours in a stroke of faux brilliance. It was some sort of Mongolian Chicken, at least that’s what the package said it was. This is not a repeat, for sure. At any rate, I heated it, ate a third at about 5 PM, then re-heated the rest at 9 PM. That is what I think forced the spike in the midnight blood sugar.

One thing I am noticing off the bat is that my noon check is decreasing steadily. It’s dropped almost 80 points in three days. Some of that could also be increased attention to habits and food intake. I’m intrigued to see how it looks a week from now.

Today are the numbers for July 19th, 2021:

Midnight: 442

Noon: 317

Average: 379.5

So the noontime count has reduced from 395 that I held on Day 0 and 1 down to 317. This is the fasting count, right after I wake up and before I consume anything.

The chicken from last night might have been less than 1000 calories, so I was under on my caloric input, but the carbs were well over 100—a stupid move on my part. I take this to be proof that one must check and consider what they put in their gullet.

I tend to have pains in the general area of my pancreas these days, and right now, it’s a different burning sensation, like when you are stretching a muscle. I feel a little better overall but still coughing hard to get up phlegm that is either part of the allergies around here or remnants from my catfight with the second dose of Pfizer. While it almost fits the description of gastritis, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on TV. It’s a fresh pain, and the bout seems to have lasted about 15 minutes. Drinking soda, albeit sugar-free, seems to tickle it a little. Carbonation appears to be presenting issues for me more and more lately.

I think today I’ll eat my primary meal in the next three hours, before 6 PM, and that will lend six hours for my sugar to normalize before midnight. If I keep things lighter at the end of the period, I should undoubtedly be below 400 at midnight.