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black ghost knife fish Official Re-Release

black ghost knife fish Official Re-Release
Sometimes, it's not in your head.

Aethem Press – Austin, Texas:

black ghost knife fish, a novel by the magical realism and surrealist author Sion Jones will be available on October 31, 2021.

The world of virtual reality has erupted.

Jakub Riser is a Los Angeles technician with a boring life, and problems alcohol won’t fix. After a suggestion from his sister Willie, Jakub finds a new world of intrigue and exploration that may be just the thing he needs.

When he discovers the brilliant and lovely programmer Veronica Salazar in his new device, Jakub is set on a journey that will change, twist, and challenge everything he thought he knew. This unique interaction will teach him an important lesson:

Sometimes it’s not in your head.

This opening work of the Jakub Riser series will be re-released for a second edition with new edits and content.

black ghost knife fish will release on ebook and paperback platforms and can be purchased on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo Rakuten, Scribd, and other locations where fine books are sold.