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Sion Jones - September 2022 Newsletter

September and Mabon are upon us.
Sion Jones - September 2022 Newsletter
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Last month started with the introduction of a new girlfriend I never asked for. She's still hanging around the house, and at least a little bit subdued after a lot of hard work. Her name is Rona.

As in Coronavirus.

I don't like her.

You may have seen the brief series I have been notating called Working On My Thesis that has to do with a new medication-type schema of nootropics I have tested to help with my ADHD and other neurodivergent issues, and I can safely report that with some of the formulas I have had resounding success. Others, not so much.

Thesis has turned out to be a good product for the blends that actually impact me. At the very least, all of the blends alleviate the head fog that I have battled for a long time. If you are reading this and suffer from conditions like brain fog, I'm just saying that it might be an option for you.

In other worlds, I found a good resource that I am using that may be of use to those of you that write on your own, and that is the One Stop For Writers website. It is a subscription-based model, but the completeness and clarity it can bring to your characters and stories are overwhelming.

For writers like myself, it helps to reduce the overall amount of sitting and staring into space whilst trying to piece together exactly who your characters are, and how they will eventually behave. Very useful when you find them in several different books.

I have no idea who needs to hear this, but you have permission to eat cookies for breakfast. Sometimes it can be necessary.

Back to One Stop, I find that it takes the right amount of time out of the process, which is a useful thing as I prep Remember Me, Anteros for the NaNoWriMo 2022 push. It should also help to get things back to normal with the other books in progress. Flow certainly needs a push to completion so the next book in the series can get started.

Story arcs are the other big reliever in this product. By fleshing out your characters, the arc builder helps make the story closer in hand, helping plotters and pantsers alike. I tend to be smack in the middle on this one.

It helps to set the tone for whatever you hope to accomplish in the story, and to get  that into the editor of choice.

This month I will be framing out several books I am working on, and I think I will also be able to get some solid writing done.

We'll know by next month's newsletter.

I wish you a happy, peaceful month, and an equally delightful Mabon.