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Day 12 - A Little Too Sweet

The covid is slipping, and the sugar issues are back.
Day 12 -  A Little Too Sweet

I'm still not getting the oomph I wanted from this blend. On top of that, the drink I had been using to get me through the covid is starting to backfire, as my system is beginning to take the sugars in the recovery drink and spike them against my blood glucose.

On one hand, it's a good problem to have as it indicates some form of normalcy, on the other, not so much.

The way it strikes me is that while I had the illness from the full-blown covid, my system was using the hydration and the sugar as fuel of a sort. Once that began to subside, we went back to normal showtime, and my body began taking on more than it could handle, but I kept pushing it in.

So I've had to put myself on a fast of sorts for about eight hours to help get that under control.

For the most part, the Energy formula is still null for me.