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How Not To Write

Books. Sometimes they multiply like rabbits. (Yes, that's a pun, and no, you aren't supposed to get it just yet.)
How Not To Write

I probably don't do things the way the writing authorites say they ought to be done. That isn't an unusual thing. Sometimes a writer's head becomes much like the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and the voices that are screaming the loudest are the ones that make the sale. That certainly seems to be the case in this most recent venture.

The writing calendar for me is very full, and the newest series I am plugging away at like mad is going to be a very enjoyable one, in my opinion.

Several ideas came together into a love story type tapestry, and it's an unusual one. But it's also one that I'm not sure I've ever seen before, and will probably make some people wonder where my head's at.

As long as you enjoy them, I'm happy.

If all goes as planned, the first novel will be written by the end of the month, and I can get it headed to the printers for proof while I continue telling the story.

Not sure how other writers do it, but I find myself all wound up in these characters. I love them, I feel their pains, share their joys, and cry over them like they were my own relatives. I try to see the things that they think are beautiful in the world for the same reasons that they do, and try to appreciate the time that I have with them until they are published and written into history.

There was a time that I thought every little portion of a novel had to be planned, storyboarded, outlined, and well thought out. I was wrong.

Stephen King was apparently right on a few things, and now I understand when he says that he just starts writing and the characters basically tell him where they are going, and he just follows them. I am of course paraphrasing quite poorly.

So this new explosion will start with a single book that I will tell more about in the coming weeks, and I have a basic gameplan on how this will all go down, but again, we'll just see who yells from the stock market floor in a few months.