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A long bi-week of books in print and Tweeting with grackles

It's been a bit blurry lately, boys and girls.

So I finished the second book of the Jakub Riser series Softly She Waits For Winter and it went off to the printers. So now I have a hard copy to look over, correct and officially release, even though it is technically available. If you're brave. I found a single typo so far that irritated me, so that will get fixed.

NaNoWriMo taught me a lot of things, and one of them was the absolute workload I can get through. I called 50K words with that book, but it was actually around the 65K realm. You learn a good bit about yourself doing something like that.

You learn what stories want and need to get told.

I was suggested to go ahead and the first one officially out, and it is, as well. The first book in the series is black ghost knife fish, and I put the finishing touch on it earlier in the day, and am now waiting to be able to get that proof copy in.

Two books in two weeks.

I'm working on the third and fourth books in the series, and some time around the new year I'll release the playlist, unless I can't help myself, and the cover art will appear after the New Year, even though it's been around for about a year now.

All of the covers for this series have been around for that long. I'm very happy with all of the covers.

In other news, I have become much more visible on Twitter, so if you play on there, go ahead and give a follow.

I am on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and also still have the old Deviant Art account as well. There will be more to come, but if I feel some of the other things are sucking up too much time, then they'll go away.

I can tell the next book in the Jakub Riser series, and it is titled Flow. Things will begin to get even more interesting as it picks up almost automatically from where Winter left off.

I'll let you find out what that is.

The fourth book should be written in January, and then I'll have to decide what direction I want to go in. We'll just say there are quite a few Riser books left in the series, and they all make a nice big story.

That story has me very excited. As well as what comes after that.

There will hopefully be more of the satirical non-fiction books, similar to Almost Half, but certainly longer.

Two trilogies of fictionalized auto-biographical works are also on the table. I'm not going to run out of things to write about anytime soon.

But back to the birds. The grackles. Twitter.

I have these two groups I've managed to get intertwined with, #WriteOwls and #WritingCommunity and the people there are just wonderful! It has helped me make the mental transition to the fact that this is my first job, and the other merely pays the bills. Nothing makes me happier than to read things I've written and corrected to where they don't absolutely suck.

Once you read something and you're still getting caught up in the final read and it makes your eyes all wet, because you're emotionally moved, not because it's 5AM and they are burning like the deep pits of the sun, you realize it's time to leave it alone and let everyone else have a turn on the merry-go-round.

I stand on the shoulders of giants.

I also know I don't bounce very well.