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Day 6 - I Scream For Ice Cream

Day 6 - I Scream For Ice Cream

You’re not dreaming. I didn’t push a post out yesterday.

There’s one with the stats in existence; I just didn’t have anything better than that. Today should be different. Especially since I now have to step into a confessional.

Here are the numbers for July 22, 2021:

Midnight:   351

Noon:   372

Dusk:   434

Average:  385.6


Total Calories:  2107    Total Carbs:   192   Total Protein:   85

Bless me, public, for I have sinned.

I went for a little taste, just a little taste of Halo Vanilla Caramel Milkshake ice cream about 3 AM. When I heard the carton hit the back of the trash bin, I thought, “I’m gonna know about this when I wake up.”

True words.

It’s the spike up to 372, and I woke up thirsty and gnawingly hungry again. I have started taking a log of everything I am eating and drinking. I’m pretty sure I am over-extending myself, and I’ve decided to put a stop to it. Get a better plan on what I’m eating and when. I’m just letting it roll today and tomorrow, not placing judgment and detailing what is. I’ll start addressing the issues on next week. I know, it sounds like I’m kicking the can, but it’s to find the weak points before I take solid action.

Calories and carbs are sneaking in places I’d forgotten about, and this is serving to haunt me, I think. I take Cannablast CBD for my fibromyalgia, and those gummies are 70 calories and 18g carbs apiece. My coffee is about 35 calories. It certainly adds up.

That is what has led to the additional reading. Now I will be doing three instead of two. I have added the “DUSK” reading at 6 PM because I should be asleep at 6 AM in a perfect world, provided my daughter does not start screaming and having a conniption over any insects that got through the air conditioning.

I’m also adding another regimen: the Vermont Village Apple Cider Vinegar with Turmeric and Honey. I linked directly to the vendor because I make no money on this site with affiliates at this time, and it can be better for everyone to go direct to the source. In full disclosure, my local Walmart stocks this, so I make the trip there. I did this before when I lost a lot of weight and reduced my sugar. I will introduce two 30ml shots per day on the threes (3 PM and 3 AM). I know it will have an effect, and I want to see how this works against the numbers as well.

A new set of numbers have been provided above. We start with the DUSK blood count at 6 PM, and now I have to itemize everything that goes in my mouth during the day, not counting water. I’m currently running a second sheet in my spreadsheet to handle that, so there are three new daily parameters, Total Calories, Total Carbs, and Total Protein.

I started from noon today, so that count does not count anything from before noon, except for the ice cream. I looked it up just to spite myself.

But after midnight, all should be accurate. 

What I’m learning about the Dusk data is something I did not realize before.

I begin my data collection at midnight, while I’m at work. The noon collection is before food and after sleep. Usually, exempting last night, of course, I have only had my whiskey in that period, along with some mindless snacking I am in the process of rooting out.

It’s an invalid parameter that doesn’t give me an accurate way to analyze it.

This point is where the Dusk test comes in. It sits in the middle of my waking period and should tell a more accurate tale of what my body is doing during the day. As you can see, there is a spike into the 400s today that I would have had no knowledge about.

Now I know it is there, I can collect and read into the data to eliminate it.

Here’s the deal. You can bitch about the ineffectiveness of Glucofort until you’re blue in the face. But if you’re dicking around with the other parameters in your life and playing a game of Supersize Me, this supplement has zero chance in hell of working right.

Right now, I’m not pissed off or disillusioned about the supplement; I have other issues that are making the effectiveness of their concoction harder to create a positive effect.

You have to be fair about this stuff.

As the t-shirt I received today and am wearing now says:

Journalism is covering stories-

With a pillow, until they stop moving.

By Sunday, I will have enough data to understand what I am doing wrong and then tweak this experiment into better results.