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Ides of March

A little run through on the Month of March 2019.
Ides of March

Much of this month has been spent working on the newest non-fiction work that I have mentioned elsewhere here, Almost Half. It has been a constant rework and rewrite, but I am quite pleased with it thus far. Really all that I care about is that it reads well.

Also that I say the things I want to say within it.

I have a compendium of older work that I wrote under a previous pen name and that will be published first, I think. It's time to make a break with some things and this is the best way to do that. The title of that book is Rhyddhau, and it will most likely be out first. I have the content together, everything else is in the compilation stage for the final book.

It should be available next week in print and ebook formats.

this week in social media

I haven't really been doing much on Twitter or Facebook, I did start an Instagram and I also reclaimed my older Deviant Art account. Soon I will get around to updating this site with all of my various social media accounts.

We all know what "soon" means.

Right now I am lined up for a cool dozen books, nine are novels. I think. Let me go and look again. Nope. Eleven, and eight are novels. That's okay. I can come up with a twelfth or just re-write that crap novel I wrote back in 2007. It's begging for a re-write. I just have to find someone that actually has a copy of it. I no longer have one.

I only scarcely remember the plotline and some of the details it was based on.

project number three

I mentioned two books here that should both be published in the next 14 days of this writing. I am beginning to make my push into the third project, which is a novel. It should be decent.

I have a title, a cover, a basic plot and a deadline. I also have history to help write it and a few angles I might toss in just to amuse myself. We'll see.