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Day 9 - Tripping On The Carpet

Day 9 - Tripping On The Carpet

Today was a jacked-up day, and it shows in the numbers. 

They’re still good enough for today, but I learned more about keeping to a schedule. It messes up everything if you’re not ready for it.

I woke up way too early. I usually get up about 11:30 AM, but today I had the joy of waking up at about 8:30 AM after an hour or so of some bizarre dream.

I went to bed after writing, and then I dreamed about writing. I was in some writers’ group with others, a few who irritated me to all hell. I was awakened by quizzing on exactly who the hell “Shelly” was. What I tried to explain unsuccessfully was that Shelly wasn’t a who, but a what. 

There was this irritating girl in this group of writers with glasses, and I guess she was in charge. I don’t usually do writer things like this because I can be antisocial on things that involve sharing before I want to. Every new chapter of the Work In Progress was called a “Shelly,” after Stan Marsh’s sister in South Park. I didn’t come up with it. Apparently, Cartman was her spirit animal, and I had to play along.

Anyway, getting up early screwed with my eating and everything else, and then I ended up napping all afternoon, so my meals got screwed, my schedule was jacked, and everything took a shit. I could still be productive, and since I wasn’t dreaming anymore, Shelly was off to whence she came with that whole annoying situation.

Here are the numbers for July 25, 2021:

Midnight:  217

Noon:  282

Dusk: 237

Average:  245.3


Total Calories:  2233 Total Carbs:   109  Total Protein:   125

I am still under 300, and I think tomorrow will go better than today did. We’ll have to see how everything fares. So diet matters, and where all of that lies on the schedule of the day matters too. I had two physical things I wasn’t pleased with today. The first was around 8 AM, when I had to take CBD for some sporadic pains. 

Then I had to take aspirin and whisky to thin my blood after I started getting numbness on my left side.

I have many other issues that I am working through with the same form of redneck medicine my father used on himself for a long time. The more you study and the more you test, the more you know.

And so it is with this.