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Day 8 - The Wind In My Sails?

Day 8 - The Wind In My Sails?

A week has passed since I started this experiment. I still have pain in my pancreas area, on the left. But my numbers were all below 300 for the first time in a long while. 

I think this is progress.

Having to watch everything you eat also forces you to make choices. I have several frozen meals that seemed reasonable at the time, but 30g of carbs is a bit pricey now that I look at the expanse of what I take in per day. If I really want that 30, and I usually do, I have to bounce and average off of other things. And I’m not one in love with budgeting.

But I can report I am feeling physically better in several ways, and I had a minor issue with a sore that kept coming back to haunt me over the past months that is now gone. I believe that it was related to high blood sugar.

Here are the numbers for July 24, 2021:

Midnight:  235

Noon:  267

Dusk: 216

Average:  239.3


Total Calories:  2100 Total Carbs:   52  Total Protein:   162

If you recall, my first number at the beginning was 510. That’s where I was spending a lot of time, and it’s a hair from the hospital. I don’t really want to live that dangerously.

I’ve cut the number in half in a week. And I can’t express how grateful I am that it’s going this way.

I hope that when I wake up, I’ll find myself out of Dangerous and into Harmful. Downshifting categories is the name of the game here. It would be a solid idea at this point to reiterate that while I do believe the Glucofort is having an impact, it’s also curbing the diet to one more intelligent for your body. All of the analysis is a godsend, to be frank. Without it, I don’t know I would have maintained the discipline and been in the process of creating the habit.

This process should be a habit I maintain after the 60 days are done. I have still not rejected the idea of extending the experiment; we’ll see where we are then.