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Day 7 - Keep Your Eyes Open

Day 7 - Keep Your Eyes Open

We’re learning things. That was part of the whole point of this endeavor, so an improvement. Watch what the hell you eat. 

When you’re itemizing every single thing that you put in your mouth, you can do things so quickly. There has to be intent. One must think of every morsel and every sip, which includes a time element, and thus a good dose of mindfulness in the matter.

Here are the numbers for July 23, 2021:

Midnight:  367

Noon:  288

Dusk: 232

Average:  295.6


Total Calories:  1917   Total Carbs:   76  Total Protein:   97

You can see that the numbers have dropped since yesterday. I acted on the idea of eating the primary meal of the day at 3 PM, which for me was a 1 lb beef chuck steak cooked with thyme and mint. It was tender and pulled apart. I ate it like a caveman and had no shame.

I also had an Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon that is easily the best I have had in three decades. It has changed my lackluster opinion of the Cabernet for the better.

I am happy with this, and the 3 PM meal and a meal around 2 AM seem to be the right moves as long as the things being consumed are held in check. We shall see how this progresses tomorrow.