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Day 4 - Will The Real Doctor Please Stand Up?

Here's the drink that helped me kick covid.
Day 4 - Will The Real Doctor Please Stand Up?

I have this thing that I am going to call "slosh" from now on. It may well be what helped me to bounce back so quickly. I'll explain it easily and then break it down if I feel like it. I still have some lil bugs in my system.

Basically, for slosh, you get yourself a two-quart container. They have those at your local retailer, and in most cases, it will only run you a couple of bucks if the establishment is kind. In some ways, it's cheaper than what you're putting in it.

We drink a lot of Klass in this house, so you'll want to think about the flavor you want to work with.  If you are not familiar with Klass, it is a Texican thing of beauty that I can't sing praises high enough for. And if you've never had horchata fresca, shame on you. We won't be using horchata for this mixture, however. Sip that on your own time.

In the example concoction I have been using, we will have the following ingredients

  • One package Klass Jamaica (hibiscus) drink mix. These are packaged to make a 1qt amount of drink
  • Two sticks Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier. I have used only one to the same effect, and I have used both strawberry and watermelon flavors in this mix. Not at the same time. Different batches.
  • One 1qt bottle of pediatric electrolyte solution. I used strawberry flavor.
  • Between a 1/2 to a quart of Ocean Spray 100% Juice Cranberry Pomegranate. You can try the Cranberry Elderberry if you can find it. Think of that Iike adding Samubucol to it. This will also thicken the slosh and give it a heady wine-like consistency like a Merlot or Cabernet. So be ready for that.
  • Water down the remainder of the container with clean water. I don't use tap water for anything, and source most of my potable water from Watermill Express, since they use reverse osmosis to filter.

Adjust your liquid components to a ratio that suits you. This isn't an exact science, but to an extent, it is still a science.

Keep in mind that this ain't a cocktail, people. You're not designing this to sit by the pool in a French floppy hat with a copy of Wuthering Heights trying to act all refined. You're trying to kick that bitch Rona the hell outta your bodily temple.

She doesn't appear to be excited about hydration, or Vitamin D for that matter, so I blessed her with as much of it as I possibly could. Eating a decent amount of watermelon helped.

And on that note, I leave you with a wonderful video on that very topic: