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Day 0 - A Boy With a Box

Day 0 - A Boy With a Box

Two years ago, I took a journey with a blood glucose supplement called Glucofort. There were some results, but they appeared inconclusive in the end, so I bailed on that and switched to Berberine.

This is a different thing.

I've mentioned my neurodivergent issues in the article I am an addict. It's like having a high-end sports car where you can hear the engine rev and purr, but you can never seem to get the damned thing into gear.  

I've tried quite a few of the "brain pills" that are supposed to do something about it, but none of them really have done much of anything. The cloud still seems to remain.

As of this paragraph, I am actually writing after having taken the first dose, because well, the flu. I contracted it not really knowing what exactly it was since I don't get sick that often. It's been pretty miserable, and the fever had me solving some weird crime problem that I swear I've done in my sleep before.

But you don't care about that so much, let's talk about the pills.

When you order Thesis, you get a month's worth, and they come in four small boxes of six packages each. You take a quiz at the beginning to help determine what order you'll take them in. Better to leave all that up to them. In my case, I am doing it this way:

  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Motivation
  • Clarity

You take the six packages, one per day, and determine if they work for you. They either will, or they won't. I know that for almost $80 that might seem like a price to pay for a bunch of guesswork, but it's good guesswork. You'll learn some things about yourself that you needed to know.

I'm not gonna drag this on any further, since I already told you I have the flu, and I've already taken the first dose, so let's get into that.