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The First New Thing

The First New Thing

I promise to write something intelligent about the new book soon to come out titled Almost Half. It is an expansion of anecdotes, blog posts, as well as old and new stories.

There have been quite a few years passed by since the last time I wrote anything that warranted publication. It feels good to be getting back into the grind, to be perfectly honest with you.

For the moment, we’ll simply pretend that I have never written anything before, and celebrate in exactly the same way.

Who knows. I might even drink a beer. Or a glass of wine. If the authorities get involved (my medical team and marital team) it might be a glass of lemonade instead. I’ll very likely get a pass on this one, I imagine.

Almost Half

As I mentioned before, we do have a work in progress and nearing completion, and we have a cover for it as well. While there is not a hard and fast release date set for it yet, soon is the best answer I can give you, and perhaps the one you don’t want to hear.

It can’t be today. But soon.

So you’re wondering, why the fairy picture?

That’s actually a good question. And now I will be a jerk. It’s relevant. Read the book to find out.

We do have the covers and baselines for a total of six books. We are hoping for all six in 2019, but realistically that can extend into next year (2020). This book Almost Half is anticipated and tentatively scheduled for an April 2nd release.