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Building A Book On A Soundtrack

Have you ever considered putting your life to a soundtrack?
Building A Book On A Soundtrack

I read a post on Reddit where a writer questioned the group regarding the idea of creating a soundtrack to accompany the piece he was creating.

He was shouted down.

I felt this reply absolutely silly. Why would anyone be told they could not create in the manner they desire? It felt more than silly, actually, anger is more accurate. The young author received my blessing and pointers on how to accomplish what it was they wanted to do.

This idea remained with me and sat firmly in the back of my mind until I was organizing a Spotify playlist and the thought occurred to me.

Could I build a playlist of my entire life?

I was perfectly serious. The first book to soon be released, Almost Half, deals with anecdotes and joke-laden thoughts on my past 50 years. It is meant to be humorous and light-hearted. This would be a different nature. It has stories in it but does not take away from the other books in line that deal with specific events and adventures I have had. Those stand on their own.
This work, 600, is exactly that, a 600 song playlist, one for every month of 50 years of life. Mine, specifically. The bulk of the text in this book is the explanation for the choices and what they meant at the time.

As an incredibly new project, it has brought forth a good deal of memories and facts along with events I had forgotten until now. It also helps to build my personal timing in life that gets shuffled after such a long time.

The publication date will obviously be in the winter of 2020.