About Sion

Sion Jones is a Welsh American writer of magical realism and satire.

Born to an engineer and housewife in the Deep South, he was raised in the 1970s to read excessively.

The fact that his mother founded the local library helped.

His first published works were of poetry in 1992, and over the next decade, extended to three full-length poetry books and a novella. He began the Jakub Riser series in 2018.

Sion is also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and studied Journalism at Michigan State University.

This author began as a kid too big for his britches and stacked with a lot of questions to go around. Time passed, and he grew, only to discover as most do that for every question answered, two more cropped up, more complicated and devious than the last.

Little inquiries in life, appearing innocent enough, can land a young fellow in a good bit of hot water, and your humble author has been in enough of it to perhaps boil a potato the size of the Mont Belvieu City Hall. This depends on how one feels about boiled potatoes, of course. Some things are more palatable if the quality of the butter is high enough.

Churning cream into butter is a slow, methodical process, with a violent, repetitive striking of a plunger into the cream until it finally comes to a smooth, finished product. This is much like beating one's head against a wall repeatedly just to see if it still hurts. In the end, the result is a generally flat forehead and a few bumps that will not go away.

He knows a thing or two about flat things with bumps on them. The one that he brings up the most is the one that has his name in raised print and says, "Doctor of Philosophy." He was not so optimistic that time he had chickenpox.

Many of the tales and anecdotes in his works, detailing various hijinks and potential misdemeanors will seem like their own bumps in what should have been an otherwise smooth stretch of highway. And we'll endure it all with a sense of patient longsuffering and good humor because he's a doctor, and somebody's going to whine about it and remind us of that fact, even if he doesn't appear to remember it anymore.

He's still trying to answer questions no one else seems to care about. You'll see. Or else he'll just poke at them with a sharp stick.